Victim of child abuse: Rhys Lawrie

Cameron Rose, 18, was sentenced to 5 years in jail today for killing an epileptic toddler, Rhys Lawrie, aged 3, on 21 January last year in his girlfriend’s house in Erith, Kent.

We reported previously how Rose swung the toddler by his right leg and smashed him into a hard object, leaving him with a serious head injury, bruising to his face, ears, body, both legs and broken leg. Injuries from which he later died.

Jailed: Cameron Rose

But what about girlfriend, and the child’s mother, Sadie Henry, 28, what did she have to say about the whole ordeal?

According to the Mirror, this morning Sadie admitted trying to hide her son’s earlier injuries to the court.

Cougar Mother: Sadie Henry

But what makes this worse is that she even lied about how her son died, originally claiming he had had a fit and then continued to sleep with her teen boyfriend who she knew had killed him.

Sadie Henry was not on trial and so will not face any punishment.


Happy: Rhys Lawrie