Well, well Danny Simpson, you have been a naughty boy, if claims of you having three women all at the same time are true!

Remember this ex call girl, Jenny Thompson, who has reportedly slept with Wayne Rooney and Mario Balotelli?

Ex call girl Jenny Thompson

Well she supposedly told the Sun that Danny Simpson was texting her for saucy pics the day before he and Tulisa hooked up!

Here are a few of the messages the Sun claims were sent from Danny to Jenny:

How’s everything going x

To which she told the Newcastle United defender that she was up the duff. He replied:

Bet uve been horny aswel?

I think its sexy being pregnant x

Bored lay on my bed… Any pics to show me before I come see ya x

Apparently not realising he was with anyone Jenny then text Danny this pic.

Pregnant Jenny Thompson

To which he replied:

Still sexy ya no

The next day Jenny then saw Danny and Tulisa together in the papers

I was a bit shocked to see him in the papers with Tulisa. When he texted me I didn’t know he was with anyone. I feel bad to know he was now

Hmm did you really feel bad? It didn’t stop you sleeping with Wayne Rooney when Colleen was pregnant.

Anyway as usual Tulisa had something to say about the whole story on Twitter, but this time she was a little less hysterical:

And not to mention Stephanie, the mother of his toddler and unborn child, who is still sticking to her guns that her and Danny were together when the snaps of him and Tulisa where taken.

Bet she’s livid now to know there was another one!