Rumour spread across the web that everyone’s favourite chicken place, Nando’s is shutting down, yesterday.

We have a feeling that this may have been caused by a tweet from Nando’s official page announcing that one of the branches will be temporarily shut down.

However, it sent chicken lovers everywhere crazy, with Nando’s fiends wondering where they’ll get their fix with no Peri Peri in their lives.

Some people simply won’t be able to keep on living if this happens:

Whilst others weren’t as dramatic, they were deeply saddened:

This then led to the hashtag #deadchicken spreading around on Twitter:

I’m sure life will continue, hun.

But #DeadChicken? Well how did you expect it? Personally, I prefer to eat my chicken dead anyway…

And there were a whole bunch of others who were disappointed that they never got to have Peri Peri sauce dripping down their chin:

It’s not closing down! Weirdos.