Nurse Rosebud June Fazackerley

Rosebud June Fazackerley sat in front of the nurse and midwifery council yesterday over allegations of telling a fellow nurse at her work place, Highlands Luxury Care Home in Jersey, that she was going to beat her ‘bitch ass the African way’.

The outburst is said to have happened on 21 October 2010 after Fazackerley was demoted by manager Sharon Walker when tensions mounted between the two over an investigation into Fazckerley borrowing money from colleagues back in 2009.

The council also heard how Fazackerley, a deputy manager at the time, said that Sharon Walker was:

not a proper manager and she would bring her down

It is believed that Fazackerley begged colleagues at her former job at La Haule Care Home in St Brelade, Jersey for up to £1,000 in order to pay for her mother’s medication. She only paid £100 back!

La Haule Care Home

Fazackerley was soon transferred to the Highlands Luxury Care Home after a number of complaints for her sponging and the council also heard how she, in fact, had a very expensive flat and regularly jetted off on holiday.


One guess what she spent the money on.

Fazackerley even had the cheek to ask senior care assistant Tom Colville back in May 2009 for £300 and then doubled the payment to £600.

She told Mr Colville she would pay him back when she got paid but instead she asked for a further £300 to pay for her rent.

Fazackerley has admitted only giving Mr Colville £100 back of the £900 she took, but denies cheating other colleagues out of money.

She has been accused of asking for £100 apiece from two care assistants and a further £135 from a fourth colleague, failing to pay them back.

If found guilty of misconduct Fazackerley could be kicked out of the profession for good.

The hearing continues.