So N-Dubz wont be getting back together till at least 2014, according to Fazer.

What a shame.

But still he is hoping to sign N-Dubz to his label STL music as he seems to think they would be “raking it in” when they finally do rejoin.

I reckon the best thing is sign N-Dubz to my label and then we earn all of the money

Great idea, but I wouldn’t put all your hopes on that, Fazer.

Have you forgotten that Tulisa is now a TV Star and Dappy is following suit with his new programme The Madness of King Dappy?

By the time the trio finally do get back together Tulisa would probably look like a botox doll (keeping up with the standards), Dappy would have probably changed his name to something more ridiculous like Cosman, and well – Fazer would still be Fazer, but with grey hair.

Do you want to see N-Dubz reunite or should they not even bother? Let us know.