Pre-recorded in October (judges even made to wear same clothes)

Did you yawn yet?

X Factor has come under fire before about claims that the show is a fix (every week of every series, in fact), but the weekend’s instalment really took the biscuit with One Direction’s performance being pre-recorded and rumours of battles between the boy bands was spread before the votes were even counted!

As some people may already know, One Direction’s performance on Saturday night, during the live show, was actually pre-recorded in October as the boys are in LA at the moment.

Snap shot of boys in LA during the live show!

But what makes this worse is that producers tried to hide it and even got presenter Dermot O’Leary to pretend they were really there live. And the presenters had to wear the exact same outfits in the October recording as they did last night!

How ridiculous is that!

But the saddest thing about the Fix Factor is that they make it so obvious that the show is fixed.

Angry Louis

Now it might just be me but on Sunday did anyone else notice that Dermot kept asking Louis to choose between his two remaining groups and that this was all the judges spoke about on Saturday?

So was it really that surprising that District 3 and Union J went head to head in the bottom two?

How obvious do they want to make it?

And by the looks of things I’m not the only one to have noticed:

Hmm… I smell a rat.

We can’t really blame the X Factor though can we, because they obviously need the hype to get people interested in the show!