A Ugandan ‘family firm’ have just been jailed for benefits scam, totalling a ridiculous £4million! The group of 9 were headed by 49-year-old Ruth Nabuguzi.

Ruth, from Manor Park, invented identities for 100 children in order to get benefits. She was also granted leave to remain in the UK under a number of different identities. She used some of these to scam more benefits, and sold some of them to other people.

Other crimes the gang committed include subletting flats, and also claiming £2million worth of HIV/AIDS medicine, which they sold back home in Uganda.

Ruth, who also used three other names to claim her benefits, is said to have used the cash to build some cosy homes in Uganda.

Other members of the gang, who have been jailed for a total of 19 years, include Dennis Kyeyune, 29, Jordan Sebutemba, 26, Ruth’s two children. Also jailed were, Albert Kaidi, Lamulah Sekiziyuvu, Lina Katongola, Mathy Matumba, Eddie Semanda. The last member Betty Tibakawa, 24 will be told her fate on November 12th.

Ruth has apparently been at it since 1993. What I really want to know is, what were the people in charge of monitoring this kind of stuff doing? Sleeping? Not quite sure how you let this type of thing go undetected for so long.

Someone in that department needs a serious talking to.