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In London, Birmingham and Manchester there are post code wars, where rival gangs battle it out over control of lucrative drugs turf.

In Blackburn, shit gets real over a whole different cause.

In a war which has raged for as long as anybody can remember (OK, we added that bit for dramatic effect), it seems two men went to war over ice cream scoops.

Yes, you read that right.

Apparently, one ice cream man was offering four two-scoop cones with a flake for £2 while another, rival ice cream man was offering the same deal at a staggering 10p cheaper.

Mr Yummy, aka Zeheer Ramzan, 34, from Halifax was caught on a mobile video smashing the window of rival Mr Whippy, aka Mohammed Mulla, 41, with a crowbar.

Ramzan stood in the dock at Blackburn Magistrates Court yesterday where he admitted to possessing an offensive weapon and causing criminal damage to Mulla’s ice cream van back on Saturday 2 June this year on Palatine Road.

l: Mr Whippy aka Mulla r: Mr Yummy aka Ramzan outside Blackburn Magistrates Court

The bitter feud began back in March this year, when Mulla had discovered Ramzan to be operating on his turf in Blackburn.

Ramzan holding a crowbar ready to smash Mulla’s window

But wait a minute, Ramzen told the court it was his turf and that Mr Mulla had tried to stop him selling ice creams.

What the hell was he thinking? Is there no honour left in the world? Apparently not.

Ramzen, who has denied assault on Mulla, has been remanded on bail to be sentenced on 17 December.