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How in all that’s urban did we miss this??

Remember about this time last year when there was the whole phenomena of racist public transport videos being released online, like the tram woman in Croydon?

Well police have released video footage of another woman (why is it always women?) Jacqueline Williams, 47, from Slade Green, Bexleyheath, south-east London shouting racial abuse at other passengers on a train.

And why are they always called Jacqueline?

This time the silly cow was clearing her closet between Woolwich Arsenal and Abbey Wood at 3.20pm on Tuesday and she has been charged with a racially aggravated public order offence after shouting to a passenger:

Go home. If you belonged here you would be pink skinned, blonde haired, blue eyes. Go home, the lot of you… You make me sick. That’s why the country’s like it is. Fucking monkeys, the lot of you, go home

Before quickly getting off at as the train pulled in to the next stop.


Don’t let us get started on the “that’s why the country’s like it is” comment because, you see that train line you were travelling on… guess who built it? Anyway…

Detective Inspector Jeremy Walley commented saying:

We treat all allegations of racism very seriously

Hmm… Only when it doesn’t involve another police officer though, right?

The stupid woman is due to appear at Bexley Magistrates Court on 9 November.