Jamal Edwards continues to raise the bar and he’s been given the once in a lifetime opportunity to board Rihanna’s 777 plane with the chance of possibly interviewing her on a personal level!

The SB.TV founder took to Twitter to share the exciting news with fans, tweeting:

Rihanna’s team have offered the experience of a lifetime to several fans joining her as part of a promotional tour for her new album Unapologetic which is out today and it entails RiRi touring, 7 countries in 7 days and playing at 7 different venues accompanied by over 150 journalists on her private plane.

We’re really wondering how an SB.TV styled interview with Rihanna would turn out, could you imagine the endless banter?

Anyway, let’s keep our fingers crossed for Jamal and hope he secures his well deserved opportunity as she stops in London tonight for further promotion and to turn on the Westfield Christmas lights.