Is this the start of a new Jessie J?

The Who You Are singer took to Twitter earlier this morning to reveal pics of a new sexy cut, which sees her ditching her interesting set of wigs she was famous for, whilst storming onto the music scene last year.

The brand new look may have been brought about because Jessie often found herself being compared to some of her Pop rivals, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry.

Jessie had also noted earlier this year that the wigs she wore when she first debuted on the music scene were simply a shock factor and really a form of attention seeking.

The singer who was clearly testing the waters with her new cut, took to Twitter to see how fans felt about it and received a positive response from a large majority of her followers:

Seems like a lot of people are loving it and so are we! It was about time she did something to set herself apart from the crowd!

Are you feeling Jessie’s new look, or should she stick those wacky wigs back on? Let us know what you think!