So as we all know Dappy reached out to K Koke the other day and tried to organise a collaboration between the pair, but it all went horribly wrong for him.

It all could have been done privately if you ask me.

Anyway, tonight saw K Koke open up for G.O.O.D music’s superstar Big Sean at O2’s Shepherds Bush Empire.

But reports flooding in on Twitter suggest that K Koke didn’t step up to the occasion:

Some are calling it karma, suggesting that Dappy should be gloating.

People even tweeted K Koke’s big boss Jay-Z and filled a feedback report or so, which shows his investment in K Koke may not be a safe bet:

What a swift change of events for K Koke. Who knows, the Roc Nation intern may holla Dappy after all and increase that crowd pleasing skill.

If only K Koke could Turn Back his tweets now.
Aye …