Dappy got some Twitter inspiration when a follower suggested that he and K Koke should do a song together:

Ending the tweet with #KokeHolla he was clearly feeling optimistic about working with Jay Z’s protege… But K Koke wasn’t as keen on the idea:


#Kokewillnotholla? LO-effing-L. Awkward! Funny how K Koke managed to promote himself and reject Dappy in one swift tweet.

Dappy refused to give up though:


To which K Koke responded:

We’ll talk about it? Isn’t that a long way of saying “no”? Someone make this stop please.

Luckily, Dappy finally backed off (got the hint) and tweeted:


Umm… I don’t think he’ll ever be “ready” so, erm, don’t hold your breath Dappy.

Seems a little like being signed to RocNation has gassed K Koke!