OK, nobody is actually dying, but our souls are dying watching the flood of pictures coming through on Twitter as thousands of girls and women (and some dudes too. Dude??) have descended on Westfield London in Shepherds Bush to catch a glimpse of their KKK heroes, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian who open their questionable Kardashian Khaos range of clothing later.

Until authorities can get a grip on the situation, the Westfield shopping centre has been closed for an “unknown amount of time.”

One fan tweeted this

Another added a picture which tells a thousand words

A picture tweeted by @Niaa_x of the crowds outside Westfield to see the Kardashians

It appears girls have been queueing since 4am to secure prime position at the indoor shopping centre and some have been tweeting:

A clearly clueless fan tweeted this

If you’re asking that at 10:30 when people have been queuing since 3am or 4am then you really are out of the game.

There also unverified reports of people who aren’t even interested in the Kardashians being hurt

Not everybody there is rowdy though, these girls have their coffees and magazines with them in what can only be described as full preparation

Despite all the madness some lucky fans have managed to get the prized wristbands needed to meet the Kardashians


And there are always those that disagree

We hope nobody gets hurt. Stay safe people!