Footballer Kolo Toure has been a naughty boy, it seems. The Manchester City player apparently had a two year affair with 22 year old student Kessel Kasuisyo from Manchester.

She claims she had no idea he was making £90K a week at Manchester City, instead she thought he was Francois the car salesman. Right.
The pair met at Bijou nightclub in Manchester in September 2010.

They swapped numbers, and that was the beginning of a two year affair, during which Kolo even went to Ivory Coast to get married to his fiancee of nine years, Awo.

He was careful not to get caught though, turning up to her flat in a baseball cap and sunglasses, calling her from a private number, and not allowing her to take any pictures of him.

Kolo had no problem splashing the cash, as he bought her different gifts, including a gold watch, ruby earrings, and paying for her mum to go to Zimbabwe on holiday. He even went as far as to ‘propose to her’.

He called me Princess and turned up with a £1,000 diamond and ruby ring. It wasn’t an engagement ring but he said it was symbol of how he felt. He went down on his knee and said he was really serious about me

Kessel soon got tired of Kolo’s shady ways though, and stopped talking to him finally in September, only to find out from a friend two weeks ago, that her ‘Francois’ was a liar.

She said I should go on Google and type in Kolo Toure. It all came up – Manchester City, the wedding pictures to his long-time girlfriend. I felt a fool. I now understand why he used to hide his face and use a private number. I want to make sure he doesn’t do it to anyone else.

However a source says Kolo Toure has no idea who Kessel is.

Hmmm, so is this a case of a gassed groupie, or a lying love rat? What do you think guys?