Footballer Danny Simpson is looking more and more like a love rat as the days go on. Another girl, Krystal Benjamin has publicly warned (by publicly warned I mean sold her story to the newspapers) that Danny cheated on her too.

Krystal, who is by far the best Danny has done so far, claims that she had a relationship with the footballer earlier this year, and he lied to her that he was no longer with mother of his child Stephanie Ward. She told the Sun:

He’s a rat. He never told Steph about me and told me he’d not been with her for a year.

Yeah, like you would have cared even if he did. Just saying.

Anyway, Krystal, who has coincidentally met Tulisa before (see pic below), believed that Danny was going to take her to Southampton next weekend for the Newcastle match and so was naturally furious when she saw headlines stating that he was now with Tulisa. The guy gets around!

Danny Simpson must LOVE this photo. “Yeah, had her… and her…”


Tulisa should be very wary of him. Danny lied to me and is probably spinning the same story

And like everyone else, Krystal went on Twitter to get her point across even more:

Krystal might want to check Tulisa’s Twitter page herself, because it looks like she’s already said something.