It’s a cold start to November and, only six days in, everybody is already drunk off Vaseline. I mean, more than any other cosmetic product in the history of the world, Vaseline has embedded itself into our lives for many reasons.

After TBoy posted his tweet about Vaseline, it got us to thinking… What’s the general talk on Twitter about Vaseline? Just the general talk. So we searched Twitter for “Vaseline” and this is a summary of what we came up with.

Some bush people who don’t know about lube use it to have sex with others, or play tricks on others, which is just wrong.

Eww! Other bush people still use Vaseline to have sex with themselves

Yuck! But some people have become wise to the fact that Vaseline isn’t the best product for everything

This guy is just a Vaseline perv

So with the sex out of the way, we started to really delve into how dependent people have become on Vaseline. Obviously most of us past the age of six use Vaseline (or variation of petroleum jelly) to protect our lips from chapping in harsh climates.

But we found that people can become so attached to Vaseline that they get a little bit too obsessive about it.

Take this girl for instance

I mean, dangerous, you know! Lol, we get her point. This dude puts it more realistically:

Truth be told, we feel the same. Vaseline can be a life saver but we wouldn’t go as far as this person

Seems they’re about to go all crazy in their office. Let’s hope we don’t read about a mass office shooting in the news, stranger things have happened.

Then there’s this girl, I’m sure everybody can relate to her plight

Hahaha, true, true. Sometimes when someone asks to use your Vaseline, don’t you feel like rubbing some into their hands for them and saying, ‘there you go!’ rather then letting them dig finger potholes in your nicely smooth layer? I know I do.

We came across some people who don’t seem to realise Vaseline isn’t for eating

Yeah. You shouldn’t be swallowing Vaseline past the age of about 8 months when your mum applies it to your lips. Get over it.

Abby Minge’s mum licks Vaseline off her dog’s lips

Now, this tweet worried us:

A) Why is your mum putting Vaseline on the dog’s lips, and B) Why is your mum licking the dog’s lips? C) Please tell her to stop

Ceri Evans got us thinking,

D’ya know what, you’re right! That’s one of the mysteries of the world. Who can honestly say they always finish a tub of Vaseline before they get a new one? Come on now. Not Alice:

Then we came across these guys and really wished they carried out this prank

How cool would it be to see that on YouTube, Lol!

But one of the funniest Vaseline tweets we saw was this one

Poor girl, lying there hoping for her Prince Charming to come and kiss her in her sleep. Don’t she know in 2012 Prince Charming probably wouldn’t be troubling those lips! But that’s another story. Actually, after we visited her Tumblr, we reckon she probably already knows that… and would prefer it.

But the very best tweet we saw about Vaseline today was this one from @RonnieiSprint

@RonnieiSprint plans to move several keys of purified Vaseline

Yeeeeah! Now that’d be dope!