As annoying as Adam Deacon was as the host of this year’s MOBO awards (is he always in character or…?) I can’t deny that I liked his red carpet attire.

Maybe it’s the old gentleman feel it has to it, or maybe there’s something about the way he’s wearing a scarf instead of a tie that I like.

Men don’t seem to have many options when it comes to gala events and even though Adam’s wearing a suit like many other men on the red carpet, something about this looks well put together and sets him apart from everyone else.

He’s also managed to make a predictable outfit choice look fashion forward with the Baroque patterned scarf and burgundy loafers, all trends for A/W 2012.

Adam did have some strong competition from other men on the red carpet who made an equal amount of effort; JLS looked extra cute in their country-inspired suits, both of Labrinth’s outfits were trendy and Angel mixed smart with cool with his undone bowtie:

But the Anuvahood star won this one for me.