WARNING: This post contains gruesome pictures

Victim: Lasha Horton

Lasha Horton, 23, from Nottingham was an aspiring model and often raised money for charity.

Yet last month on Friday 26 October police where called at around 1.50am after yob Genavese Justin, smashed Lasha’s face through a window pane.

Lasha in hospital after doctors use 30 stitches to put her face back together

Lasha who had just signed a £15,000 modelling contract with London modelling agency Demus Castings was left with deep cuts scarring her facing and ending all hope of a modelling career.

Lasha spoke for the first time since the incident, obviously upset by the situation.

Sobbing she said:

If the glass had hit me elsewhere in my face I could have lost my sight. As it is I have arranged to see plastic surgeons and they have told me that because I am mixed race it will be difficult for the scar to be erased completely so I am scarred for life

Lasha had to have 30 stitches in her face with one scar running under her right eye, another on the top of her nose and a final scar which runs from the corner of her left eye to her ear.

Before and after pictures of scars

Justin stood in the dock at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday 22 November where she was charged with actual bodily harm with intent.

She is due back in court on Friday 1 February 2013 for a plea and directions hearing.