It’s been a busy day in the InstaGrim

Ms Dynamite was in the BBC Radio 1 studio this morning with breakfast presenter Grimmy and would you believe it, she loves the school run.

Even her son Shavaar, aged nine, tells her to calm down.

And talking of her son, Ms Dynamite then goes on to say how he hates her music but loves the music scene:

He would love to have come here. He has suddenly taken a real interest.

I took him to a show with me the other day and he stood on the stage and took pictures of me. He then turned around and said ‘No mum that was a bad angle for you, look at your forehead’

Haa… Bless.

So who does he like?

Apparently he loves Rita Ora, Labrinth and Tinie Tempah. He even told his mum that when she collaborates with other artists, ‘they’ sounded great.

I love this kid.