Nicki Minaj has been on busy promo-rounds around London within the last couple of weeks.

She’s currently wrapping up the UK leg of her Roman-Reloaded tour, and on Friday night the wacky US rapper stopped by everyone’s favourite Chatty Man, Alan Carr to have a quick chat.

Throughout the hilarious episode, Nicki addressed various topics, including shooting an unknown single from her re-released album Pink Friday: Roman-Reloaded The Re-up in a secret London location and addressing JLS’ Oritse’s odd obsession with her.

Nicki revealed she had no idea Oritse had a crush on her and revealed she didn’t even know what JLS looked like!

Alan then presented Nicki with a picture of Oritse and Nicki then looked into a camera to give the JLS star a personalised message:

I’m so happy that you like me, maybe one day, we can have some amazing love connection. You look pretty nice, in the picture.

But, Alan wasn’t letting Nicki leave before she did her signature gimmick, of signing boobs! Alan then popped open his shirt and let the rapper sign away on his evidently non-existent chest, with racy actions.