MC Bullet aka Jamie Sanderson

Oceana, the nightclub in Kingston-Upon-Thames, has been fighting to keep their licence to sell alcohol since the stabbing of MC Bullet aka Jamie Sanderson last month.

Kingston council leader Derek Osbourne had demanded that owners of Luminar Group Ltd closed the club down immediately after the fatal Jamie Sanderson stabbing.

However bosses ignored these demands keeping the club open until they finish battling to keep their licence.

But is it really that surprising that Oceana Kingston could be shutting down?

By the looks of things on Twitter the club isn’t popular with everyone:

Statistics show that 342 incidents have occurred over ONLY this past year including assaults, drug dealing, mobile phone theft and now killings.

I spoke to a member of staff at the club yesterday who confirmed that Oceana has lost their first battle to keep their licence, however they will remain open whilst they appeal this decision.

But even though the club owners probably sound disrespectful for keeping Oceana open, at least some clubbers will be comforted to know that they have increased CCTV coverage and security patrols.

But is that enough?

Ashley Milne, 22, from Peckham and Brandon Francis, 19, will next be at the Old Bailey on Friday 4 January 2013 to enter their pleas in relation to the stabbing of MC Bullet.