The One Pound Fish Man has been signed to a major global record label and is set to take the charts by storm.

The Queen’s Market One Pound Fish man, real name Muhammad Shahid Nazir, is already a YouTube star and has racked up millions of views in a very short space of time and now he has won a deal with Warner Music.

Muhammad has already been on X Factor, SB.TV and is tipped to release a single in time for Christmas, which will be going against the X Factor winner for the British traditional Christmas No.1 spot.

Maybe One Pound Turkey, One Pound Stuffing or something Christmassy like that could be the follow up. Best to keep it all food related and festive.

And with the way X Factor is going, Rylan Clark will win and I personally would rather spare that 69p to hear another catchy song by the One Pound Fish Man.

Is the One Pound Fish man on the trip to success or is he just a fish out of water? Guess we’ll have to see.