Looking fresh, fellas

US actor and singer Tyrese Gibson hit London last night with Diddy and Vin Diesel.

And look who else decided to join them at Nobu before heading to DSTRKT nightclub on Rupert Street in Mayfair… Cassie and our very own Rita Ora.

But both Tyrese and Diddy couldn’t keep in their excitement about the private bash tweeting:


And as always both Diddy and Tyrese looked fresh in their black and grey suits on their way to Nobu, seen above.

But one outfit wasn’t enough for Diddy as he returns to his Mayfair hotel to grab his gold Mercedes medallion tweeting:


Instagram: Smile Diddy!

But what was Rita thinking? FFS!

Rita outside Nobu

She was clearly confused!

And as for Cassie, well she didn’t even bother to get dressed up, wearing leather panel legging and a white leather biker jacket.