l: Stooshe performing Waterfalls at the MOBO Awards and r: Portia Freno performing for the camera

It never just rains with Portia Freno, it only ever seems to Hurricane Sandy!

We’re a bit late to the party on this one, but it seems Stooshe showed us their touchy side again last night after Portia went all a bit judgemental over their  cover of Waterfalls on Twitter:

The Anuvahood actress asked:

The girls from Stooshe hit back with a swift response making it clear that the ladies from TLC had in fact given them permission to cover the song.

Portia very kindly replied

And she also added

Which we agree with. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and perhaps the Stooshe girls don’t need to always be jumping onto people’s timelines when they express dislike for the song, especially as they weren’t even invited to the conversation

But Portia went in further, retweeting other people’s negative tweets knowing full well that Stooshe and their fanbase were now on watch:

And making a bit of a joke out of the whole situation.

She even became a medium and channelled Lisa Left Eye Lopez’s views

Despite what everybody thinks about Portia, we do often admire her willingness to just say what she thinks. She’s usually quite eloquent with it too

We actually think Portia would make a great writer here at Pappzd. That’s not a public invitation by the way, just saying.

However, things got a little bit too dramatic when other well-known artists took offence to Portia’s tweets which didn’t even concern them!

That’s as diplomatic a way of saying “Get the fuck off my timeline, bitch!” as I ever heard.

Just as we thought the drama was coming to its final scene, A.Dot stepped in

And it got a little bit tit-for-Twitter-tat…

Now, now ladies….

Anyway, considering that the Waterfalls cover is currently at No. 17 on the iTunes chart, it’s not actually doing too badly. I’m sure the TLC girl’s are feeling pretty proud of the Stooshe lot, and happy with the extra income it’s generating for them.