We all know getting around in London is not cheap at all. That causes some people to find cheaper ways around public transport i.e buying child tickets, or ‘bumping the train’.

Some other people, however, have different techniques. Like risking their lives. Oh, and the life of their unborn child too.

18-year-old Elesha Proud-Miles, who was five months pregnant, dashed onto the electrified tube train tracks and into the tunnel to avoid capture after being caught attempting to travel without a ticket by Police Community Support Officers in August.

The incident, which happened at Finsbury Park station, saw Elesha sneak past the barriers behind another passenger. She was then followed onto the platform by a PCSO, and when he tried to restrain her, she punched him in the face.

When station staff and other officers tried to help out she shouted at them ‘You can’t do anything to me I’m pregnant’, and then hopped onto the tracks and ran to Seven Sisters station which was the next stop.

Read that again. She ran through the tunnel to the next station. What in the fucking fuck!?

She was nearly hit by a train, but of course, they can’t do anything to her either, seeing as she’s pregnant and all.

Elesha caused trains on the Victoria Line to be evacuated, and commuters suffered nearly an hour of delays.

Despite all this though, Elesha (who already had a bunch of convictions, including ABH) didn’t get jail time at her trial this week. Nope.

Instead, she got a suspended sentence, ordered to go to anger management courses, a three month curfew, and is banned from travelling on trains in London for three months.

The teen has also had the unborn child put on a protection plan with social services. Damn! I know guys who lose their driving licenses before they even get them, but this is beyond!

I won’t be surprised if she thinks it was worth it though, she didn’t have to pay the train fare after all…