In a bid for social media fame a teenager from Sunderland has scammed thousands of people around the country today, after he set up a fake Instagram account claiming to be popular clothing brand Urban Outfitters.

The boy, who uses the name ReiceO across various popular social media platforms, set up the fake Urban Outfitters account and announced a special offer of a £30 gift card which would be rewarded to those who helped the company reach 20,000 followers.

After users had unwittingly followed the fake Instagram account they were then asked to post their personal email addresses, along with a re-posted screen shot of the company’s real website, and finally asked to tag the company’s real site in their re-posted image.

Still with me so far?

Once he had reached 19,000 followers in less than a day, he then revealed his real identity by replacing the fake account’s name and profile picture with his own personal information.

Shortly after the revelation, Twitter went into a frenzy about the situation, showcasing a clear divide in opinion, regarding ReiceO’s tactic.

While his fame attempt left many pretty pissed off, he seemed to get the approval of many other users on the social networking site and was even hailed a ‘legend’ by some users.

Taking to the site, he announced his success in getting people to fall for his scam.

So, what was the overall conclusion…?

Well I say this Tweet sums the situation up, kind of perfectly!

This goes to show the power of social media; while the situation is controversial to say the least, it was pretty clever of the kid, if social media fame is what he was looking for.

We’re just happy no real scamming which involved money changing hands was involved, else ReiceO could be facing legal action.

However, whatever you think of Reice O’s stunt, one Nicki Minaj fan didn’t really need to get too personal about it

Considering the mass following he received with his scam, we pitch the question to our readers, how far would you go for social media fame, would you ever go this far?

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