It’s no doubt that Rihanna is one of the most intriguing and carefree popstars in the world, so when she hit London’s Forum in Kentish Town to promote her new album, Unapologetic last night, it was no doubt she’d bring her loud Bajan roots with her.

The singer performed a set list of 20 songs including some of her past hits and material from her new album. Her ‘performance’ was interesting, to say the least.

Throughout her time on stage, she seemed to make most of her dancing consist of stumbling from left to right and vigorous pum pum pats.

It wasn’t long before she displayed the controversial side of her that we’ve grown to love since her ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ days, as she she cussed out her band for a technical glitch that messed up part of her performance.

The fiery Caribbean star shouted:

What the fuck is that? Why is the track off with the band? This is the shit you have to deal with on a rock ‘n’ roll tour!

So if anything, it seems like the star continues to remind us exactly why she’s Unapologetic.