Does Rita Ora even get embarrassed about these copycat pictures?

Rita Ora has apparently got herself a role in the next Fast And Furious film as a villain, but it’s also the exact same role that Rihanna wanted. Both singers were being considered for the part and after her acting debut in action movie Battlefield, Rihanna probably thought she had it.

But it has now been suggested that Rita Ora has been chosen for the role as Rihanna’s schedule would clash with film production.

Rita has already been accused of copying everything Rihanna has already done… And now she’s taking a film role right from under Rihanna’s nose? Oh no she didn’t.

This might just annoy Rihanna as according to the Sun, a source said:

At first Rihanna thought Rita’s ‘copycat’ act was sweet. But she kicked off after seeing the red dress Rita wore to the VMAs. The umbrella prop annoyed her too.

It hasn’t been confirmed just yet but Rita tweeted the message:

Could she be talking about the film? It is due to be released next year…