Taking a day off from her sideline as a Rihanna stunt double, Rita Ora celebrated her 22nd birthday last night at the Big Sean gig in the O2 Empire, Shepherd’s Bush.

The R.I.P singer even changed her hair, distancing herself from RiRi comparisons and wore a very odd choice of birthday attire (well, odd by anybody else’s standards), including a combo of red trainers, a Cruella De Vil style coat and what appears to be some type of odd dressing gown.

The star celebrated her birthday with fellow British model Cara Delevingne and Tinie Tempah, who joined her at the Shepherd’s Bush gig.

After the show, instead of uploading a picture of himself and Rita, Tinie Tempah took to Instagram to take a snap of Rita, getting crunk backstage at the show, with a bottle and Big Sean by her side.

The star received a lot of love on Twitter from her fellow peers and gave a special thanks to her loyal Rita bots:

It looks like Rita had a lot of fun, maybe a new year, new her? (Literally, please leave the Rihanna tribute act behind)

We hope you had a great night, Rita.