Seems a Twitter fan of model Simmy Wilson is so hungry for her idol’s fame game to come up that they have taken desperate steps to get her noticed. It’s hilarious if it’s not sad.

First of all, she sent us the picture above with a tweet which said (since deleted):

Simmy Wilson @iLove_SIMMYFan
@Pappzd Do you think Ashley C looks better with Sexy Model Simmy or @CherylCole 1st Black model 2 B pictured with him

We thought ‘cute.’ Then minutes after she sent us this tweet:

Which came with this picture:

Hmmmnnnn, hooked on what, exactly?


So we looked a little deeper. On checking out the timeline we were shocked to find the shameless lengths they had gone to. They had sent the same tweet to everybody in the world.

Check out the screengrab below (click to enlarge), it goes on forever – we actually had to stop because our mouse got tired scrolling.

The Daily Mail and Daily Star we can understand, but what the hell did they really think Drake or Djibril Cisse were going to do about it?

Anyway, we decided to check out her recent pics and found this one

Yeah, that appears to be Simmy trying to squeeze in there at the right-back position (see what we did there?) as it looks like her friends, collectively known as the ‘Blackdashians’ are zone marking her out of play.

Oh dear.

Nevermind, she managed to get closer to the action for the next shot

Wait! Where have we seen that before? Oooooh, that’s the picture the ‘fan’ cropped to get the one she’s been sending everybody. Told you she was hungry.

Seeing as she’s so desperate for fame and recognition for Simmy, we decided we’d show a few more of her pictures – just to give her what she’s after. Enjoy