Ohhhhhh shit! The nails have come out.

Whilst Tulisa has been called a home wrecker by Stephanie Ward, Newcastle footballer Danny Simpson’s ex/current girlfriend, current girlfriend/side-chick Tulisa says she’s lying.

Which is it? It’s difficult to tell.

Stephanie has told the Daily Mail she and Danny have been on and off for seven years but have been solid for the past two.

Tulisa however had a few strong words for Stephanie when she heard what her new boos baby mother called her:

So Stephanie and Danny are not together? So Tulisa and Danny are? Oh right, and apparently Stephanie is three months pregnant with their second child!

So, Tulisa is lying?

Forget it, I can’t keep up.

Has Danny told a little lie to Tulisa? I can only imagine the texts Danny has been receiving:

Side-chick: you ufck, you better not still be with her

Baby mother: How can you cheat on me with that chav!

Can someone please get their story straight, I don’t want to see any protests during this weekend’s X Factor.