Brixton ‘jack boys’ tried to give American singer Trey Songz a true South London send-off and make sure he left his 1Xtra Live performance empty handed last night.

The Chapter V singer nearly became another in a long line of American acts who came, saw and got robbed in London by hood opportunists at Brixton Academy when he appeared as part of BBC Radio 1Xtra’s current tour series.

Don’t worry ladies, Trey Songz wasn’t hurt and he escaped with all his goods. He also let the potential robbers know that he wasn’t having any of it, tweeting:

Some rumours are circulating that it had something to do with some guys being jealous at the adoration their girls gave to Trey when he took to the stage

Welcome to London, Trey!

In the future, I imagine Trey Songz will be avoiding that arena. Or rolling with extra security.