Tulisa has had a real battering from the media over the last couple of years and now the former N-Dubz star is finally telling the world how she really feels, in her latest Twitter rant.

The self-proclaimed female boss’ recent public criticism, has seen hers involved in a love triangle, which involves Newcastle United star Danny Simpson and his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Ward, who claims Tulisa had been creeping with Simpson while she was pregnant with their second baby.

However the X Factor judge, who is usually quite restrained and indifferent to rumours and media scrutiny, is finally having her say in a Twitter tantrum and she does not hold back, at all.

Taking to the social media network, Tulisa shared harsh words with her critics:

Woah, you can tell she’s mad!

The thing is, we love Tulisa (you may not think it) but you have to applaud her bravery and constant fight; there’s not many stars who can deal with the constant pressure and criticism she receives.

But we sometimes wonder what is it that makes Tulisa such a target? Is it the constant desperation to plug her ‘Urban’ roots? Poor X Factor jokes? Or is she just not a likeable public figure?

We’d be really interested to hear our readers’ take on Tulisa in the public eye, and will she ever be able to become the nation’s sweetheart?

As always, let us know in the comments.