Tulisa and Danny Simpson dating has now blown out of the water with pictures of the couple together and beef between Tulisa and Danny’s ex Stephanie.

And now Tulisa’s ex Jody Latham is getting involved saying how devastated he was when the X Factor judge dumped him for the Newcastle defender.

Tulisa’s new music video: Sight of You

Friends of Jody told The Sun that she left him feeling ‘like an idiot’:

He would have done anything for her, but then she just turned cold on him. From getting 30 text messages a day from her, he suddenly only started to get a couple

Just grow a pair man!

Ever heard the phrase plenty more fish in the sea?

And with everything happening at the moment Tulisa has gone to Twitter expressing herself as usual:

Awh poor Tulisa.

It’s a good thing your man is standing by you:

Hmm not sure about that Danny. I’m pretty confident Stephanie will make it as hard as possible for you, Tulisa.

Playing happy families: Danny with ex-girlfriend Stephanie Ward and baby Skye

They clearly ‘Ain’t Gunna Make A Difference’.