Is Tulisa really hitting Newcastle United footballer Danny Simpson? Come on now, let’s stop this “dating” nonsense, we’re all grown ups!

In this country, if a female mediocre singer wants to be really successful, she knows she needs to become a WAG. After all, an average singing voice can only get you so far.

X Factor judging is cool, but do you know what’s really cool? Being an X Factor judge and a WAG. Yeaaahh! That’s the road to ‘nation’s sweetheart’ status.

Anyway, if the rumours reported in the Daily Mail and other rags are true, these pictures might be the proof…

The pair were seen at a Manchester hotel after having a romantic meal and drinks.

But what about Fazer?

Everyone was asking if the ex-couple were back on after they were seen together at London’s Grosvenor Hotel after the M.I.T.S Awards on bonfire night earlier this month.

But after being snapped holding hands in a Tesco in Newcastle this week it will be difficult for Tulisa to deny that the pair are hitting it.

Tulisa and Danny Simpson holding hands in Tesco

Danny, who has a little girl called Skye, has recently split from long term girlfriend Stephanie but she’s not the only woman to have caught the footballers vapours.

l: cheeky kiss between Danny Simpson and Roxanne r: hand-in-hand Danny and Imogen

There was also Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas, Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett and an apparent fling with cheating wife Natasha Giggs.

Everybody knows that if Tulisa is going to make it big as a top star in the UK and stretch out her career for another ten years, she needs to have WAG status. Who remembers Victoria Adams or Cheryl Tweedy? But their WAG names, that’s a different matter.

And let’s face it, Tulisa Simpson would be much easier to write and say than Contostavlos.

Let’s see where this one goes.