Ahh it’s Friday!

But what about those programmes you missed this week?

Well don’t panic because here is a weekly catch up of the best shows on TV at the moment, revealing what will be occurring in the weeks to come.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here (Every Evening on ITV)

The final is this weekend and who do we have left in the bottom three?

Well Rosemary, Hugo and Eric have all been voted out of the jungle leaving Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts, Eastenders star Charlie Brooks and favourite to win David Haye.

One more celeb will leave the jungle tonight but not until all three finalist have played the Final Feast bush tucker trial.

It’s going to be disgusting!

Ashley in bushtucker trial Celebrity Cyclone

X Factor 2012 (ITV Saturday – 8.20pm & Sunday – 8pm)

On Saturday the contestants had the challenge of singing ABBA and Motown. Hmm…

Jahmene actually managed to give ABBA’s song, I Have A Dream, soul and Rylan gave an energetic performance as usual.

But this week that wasn’t enough as Rylan left the competition after going head-to-head with last remaining group Union J.

I personally would rather have seen Christopher go. If I want to listen to karaoke I’ll go to the pub on a Thursday night! At least Rylan is entertaining.

Tomorrow there is no theme with the last remaining four battling to reach the final.

After not performing last week (and for good reasons because Rihanna nailed it) Tulisa is now scheduled for Sunday along with Pink.

Rylan and Union J in bottom two

Take Me Out (ITV Saturday – 7.05pm)

For a second time in a row Paddy managed to get all four guys a date with one of the girls.

Children’s entertainer Dan from Manchester won Kate’s heart. Posh boy Giles from London took Angela. Scottish estate agent Hugh left with Emily and cheeky lad Joe from Essex chose Edelle. 


But what about last week’s couples?

Well two out of four dates were successful.

With Leigh not fancying Matt and both Rachel and Luke looking for different things.

But it’s not all doom and gloom in Fernando’s as Sam and Samantha really hit it off and Katie said she loved her manly man Pete.

I wonder which girls leave on their lighties tomorrow as Paddy lets the jam meet the doughnut.

America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion (cycle 18) (Sky Living TV Monday – 9pm)

American Kyle has been kicked out!

After going head-to-head with Brit Alisha, Kyle was evicted for her lack of diversity and it has been no secret that Kyle hasn’t got on with the other girls, threatening to leave before.

Now we are left with three Americans and four Brits but who will leave next week?

Next week’s challenge is a photo shoot with a Hello Kitty theme.

Spoiler Alert: Alisha nails the Hello Kitty photoshoot

Tool Academy (E4 Tuesday – 10pm)

On Tuesday the tools had to sing for survival and prove they deserve their communication badge.

It was a very cringy moment when the couples had to sing their love duets (all of them sounded like strangled cats) but after doing a very funny Jay-Z impression rap, James aka Neander Tool was sent packing.

Next week the tools get a shock when they play a life size operation game and they are brought back down to reality.

I wonder who will be left fighting in the final three?

Neander Tool: James and girlfriend Jasmine

Made in Chelsea (E4 Monday – 10pm)

Well Jamie was being shouted at by everyone on Monday, first by Andy over a ‘friendly’ drink, then by Binky’s mum who wanted to kill him (ouch) and then by ‘player’ Lucy, as he got all up in her ‘grill’ again and said that she’s not girlfriend material.

But what about Francis and Sophia?

Well she sort of admitted to Millie that she had feelings for Francis but didn’t know what she wants to do about Proudlock.

But poor Francis didn’t know any of this and saw Sophia and Proudlock snogging in the corner at Andy’s party.

To be honest I feel like she just wants all the attention, and what girl doesn’t?

Next week we get to see Francis open up to Sophia. I wonder how she will react?

Sophia and Proudlock caught in the act

Eastenders (BBC1 Mon & Fri – 8pm, Tues & Thurs – 7.30pm)

So far this week Derek saves Joey and Lauren after they crashed his beloved car, Bianca makes an emotional return and Kat was put under pressure from her lover. 

Tonight Alfie won’t let Kat go to Germany with him as someone needs to look after the Vic. Her lover leaves a note next to a candle telling her to light it by the window when Alfie is gone. She throws the candle and panics when Jean lights it in Tommy’s room. Will her lover come to her rescue.

Next week Shirley returns to Albert Square. Lauren breaks down about her and Joe. Phil breaks up with Sharon fearing the social worker Dave will find out the truth soon and Alfie gets closer to finding out about Kat. 

Emotional Phil

Misfits (E4 Sunday – 10pm)

So on Sunday we saw annoying Finn track down his biological father and a half-sister. But instead of it being a typical happy reunion this episode was full of emotion.

Finn discovers that his dad is dying and in a lot of pain and that Grace (Finns half-sister) is using her power to keep him alive, afraid to let go. 

On Sunday the gang spend a long night at a wild house party where they are stalked by a giant killer rabbit. We also get to see what Alex has been hiding from Jess and we meet new addition Abbey.

Finn and step-sister Grace

And is there anything else we should be getting excited about?

Well the Only Way is Essex are doing a Christmas Special with two LIVE shows both on Sunday and Monday night at 10pm on ITV2.

Can’t wait!