uk support for obama

As America goes to vote today, you would have to be a pleb to think the outcome of the USA Presidential election won’t have an impact on your life.

Best believe, if Romney gets in… well, let’s just say it’ll be the end of the world as we know it. I mean, just think – we’ll go back to a dangerous world poised on the precipice of several major wars, terrorism will increase again and the American army will go back to using bayonets and horses. (Have you been following at all?)

However, much more devastatingly there’ll be no more basketballin’, Al Green-singing President. No more opportunity for rappers to insert “black President” needlessly somewhere (anywhere) in their lyrics.

Jay-Z will no longer be best friends with the Prez and so his career will suffer. He’ll be homeless by Christmas. Black people in America will go back to a life without self esteem and hope, and there won’t be anywhere as many black people allowed in the White House as there is now, who aren’t cleaners.

Oh, and fashionistas  – there’ll be no more beautiful, fashionable, trend-setting FLOTUS. Look that up.

So now, as Americans go to the polls the only thing we can do is sit and wait to see if Barack Obama or the Great White Hope, Mitt Romney, will be POTUS tomorrow.

With news reports stating that it is very close between the two candidates, it seems that it could literally be any of the two who get the job.

However, there is a lot of love for incumbent Barack Obama and a lot of us here in the UK would prefer it if he remained as the President, and leader of the free world.

We will find out in the early hours of tomorrow who’s won the elections and who will be the prez for the next four years.

Who are you rooting for?