To sum this week’s news up in three words; interesting, wild, disturbing!

However, to end things on a good note here is the usual update on everything interesting you may have missed out this week.

  1. Obama trumps Mitt in US Elections
    I don’t think anyone could have missed this news but for the benefit of those who have been living under a rock this week; Barack Obama has been returned as President of the USA. I think we in the UK were a bit more excited with the victory than those in America!
  2. The art of socialising isn’t the only thing Blackberry’s have killed off 
    Negus McClean was chased by 13 youths on bicycles who then beat him to death, all over a Blackberry device. Four boys have been remanded in custody over the attack and will appear in court next Thursday.
  3. Ball so hard, this sh*t cray: South London mother earns big bucks running brothel
    A mother of two has been running a brothel in Lewisham, south London and earned so much money she could afford to send her kids to private school as well as renting a pricey home in Southampton! The things people do for money, eh!
  4. Biker boys take down Brent Cross
    In what sounds like a scene from a video game, three armed robbers rode through Brent Cross shopping centre on motorbikes carrying out some sort of Hollywood-esque heist on Tuesday morning. This is rather shocking and exciting for us Londoners as nothing crazy ever goes down here!
  5. Pappzd stylist verdict takes the MOBOs
    There always seems to always be some mishap at the MOBOs, so this time round we took a different approach when watching the awards: fashion. Check out the worst dressed male and female from the night.
  6. Kardashians to launch clothing line
    The Kardashian sisters epitomise everything glamour and glitz and so we were a bit shocked to find out their choice of store for their new line is Dorothy Perkins. Nonetheless we will be amongst the queues of people in Westfield London tomorrow awaiting their appearance.
  7. How not to revive your career: David Haye to join I’m A Celeb
    Joining the list of fame rejects, David Haye is set to appear on I’m A Celebrity this year for what show producers have said to include “the most gruesome bushtucker trials yet.” Haye’s career must have taken a turn for the worst if he’s desperate enough to hop onto this show!
  8.  Don’t trust a stranger and er… the banker??
    A Santander bank clerk has been convicted of stealing and selling customer account details to 419-ers. I never thought the day would come where we had to be careful of fraud on our accounts by the people who deal with our accounts!
  9. Wall of shame: Pregnant teenager runs through train tunnel to avoid paying a fare!
    SMDH! Elisha Proud-Miles, 18 and pregnant, ran through a train tunnel putting her unborn child at risk to get out of paying a train fine. Damn girl, a life ain’t cheaper than an Oyster card!
  10. Ni**as in Niketown: Kanye West shops around London on his ones
    Yeezy was spotted in Niketown all on his own yesterday. And just when I was starting to thing the inseparable duo that is KimYe were joint at the hip. I guess once surviving the Kardashian family, the thought of being mobbed by a herd of fans doesn’t faze Ye.