I’m not going to bore you with ramblings on about Tulisa’s next scheme to stay in the tabloids, or the latest ethnic family from hell. Nah, this week holds a lot more juicy stories; murders, robberies, racism – you name it and it’s written about. Have a peep at what you might have missed.

  1. Naomi Campbell bares almost all
    This isn’t really front page worthy news but I mean… it’s Naomi Campbell… and she’s half naked! Need I say more?
  2. He liked it so he put a ring on it: Example engaged!
    For once I have something nice to report. Example has a loving side to him, contrary to popular belief formed through his Twitter rants, as he has proposed to his girlfriend Erin McNaught. Aww, I am a bit of a sucker for romance.
  3. More racist coppers – I told you we knew how this one would end
    So the two racist policemen who referred to black men as ‘monkeys’ have been cleared of all charges because they did not intend the comments to be racially abusive. Right, well if anyone knows what the judge of this case was smoking…
  4. Stan Collymore falls victim to racist Twitter trolls
    I really must get that tally chart for the amount of racism based stories we get each week. Ex-Footballer Stan Collymore was sent racial abuse by Twitter users resulting in three people being arrested so far.
  5. Aspiring model has dreams crushed after woman attacks her
    Lasha Horton from Nottingham seemed to be headed for the skies as she signed a £15K modelling contract and so we can only imagine her devastation to have it pulled away because a another woman smashed her head through a window leaving her scarred for life.
  6. Eediat robbers ran away from police officers… straight into police station
    You see this is why these youths should stay in school because it’s quite clear they can’t even handle this road lifestyle they’re all so desperate to live. SMH. A 17 year-old and 14 year-old basically dropped themselves right into the palm of the police in an attempt to flee from police after stealing a car
  7. Looks like Dappy need not worry whether K Koke hollas after all
    So last week K Koke was on his high horse and sort of left Dappy hanging as he refused to do a collab. And this week it looks like he has been knocked off his horse and further down as he was booed by erm everyone whilst opening for Big Sean at the O2 Empire. Oh how the mighty fall…
  8. LMAO: Grown men beefing over ice-cream??
    I thought I’d better throw this story into the mix to lighten things up. Two grown arse men are actually in full-fledged wars over the prices of common ice-creams. I guess if this is the most serious feuds get these days, we ought to be grateful.
  9. Kolo Toure by day, Francis the salesman by night
    A Kessel Kasuisyo from Manchester claims to have been having a two-year affair, which led to engagement, with Manchester City’s Kolo Toure – who is actually married already. Now I don’t know how much of this story I believe but since when did you ever know a footballer to NOT be dodgy anyway?
  10. Cougars Lover gets 5 years for killing son
    Teenager Cameron Rose gets sentenced for killing the young son of the 28-year-old woman he was having an affair with. After killing the toddler, Sadie Henry continued to have a relationship with him for 9 months

There you go. A week in the life of urban UK.