1. Thug Life: Man randomly attacks 16-year-old girl in broad daylight!
    CCTV footage has been circling the net of a man brutally attacking a young girl on her way to college. Why, who, and what the %#$& was on his mind? Hopefully we will get some answers soon as police have arrested a man in connection with the incident. 
  2. Myles Williams: Babe I swear I won’t hit you anymore… I’ll just stab you to death instead
    The morning after promising to never hit her again, sick and twisted teenager Myles Williams from Hackney stabbed his girlfriend to death 29 times as their new born looked on.
  3. Tulisa is officially the new Chezza
    Cheryl can hang up her glad rags as she is no longer the most annoying woman ever. Tulisa has landed that spot as she manages to wriggle her way into the news 24/7. Not once. Not twice. But three times she’s been all over the headlines this week with her baby mama love triangle!
  4. From pennies to pounds: One pound fish guy signs deal with Warner Music
    Remember that annoying guy who kept singing one pound fish on some market or something? Don’t worry if you don’t as you will be reminded who he is very soon. Muhammad Shahid Nazir aka Mr One Pound Fish has signed a record deal with Warner Music and is due to release a single in time for Christmas. Yay!
  5. The only way is Africa: Care home manager threatens colleague with African style beatings
    Now we all know African women drop them lines about “I will beat you the way we do back home” to their children but they know damn well not to say that sh*t in public! It seems Rose Fazackerley didn’t get the memo as she threatened colleagues in this way during a tribunal about her conduct at work.
  6.  Teenage killer faces jail for shooting in Hackney
    Bloody ell, I remember when the only thing young boys used to shoot were footballs! Okay no I don’t really, but what’s with all the teenagers turned murderers these days?? This 16-year-old boy has only gone and shot someone in Pembury estate, Hackney and the only future he’s facing is one in jail. SMH
  7. Guess who’s back, back, back?
    Craig David seems to be making a comeback as he is set to DJ for KISS 100. He has signed a deal with them and will broadcast DJ sets every Sunday. I can’t be the only one who is excited about this surely?
  8. Rihanna lets rip on her band at London’s HMV Forum
    RiRi seems to be a bit of a head case these days, definitely embodying all angles of ‘young, wild and free’ – in particular the wild. And what better way to showcase her i-don’t-give-a-fukc attitude than to cuss her band. Live!
  9. What’s jail time to a n*gga like me, can ya please remind me!
    Kweku Adoboli who was a banker at UBS has been sent to jail for seven years on account of fraud as he traded his way to £1.5billion losses for the bank. That’s BILLION. However Mr Adoboli seemed to be carefree as he posed with a cheeky grin outside court. Maybe not all the money was lost. Maybe he has a plan.
  10. Oceana: We shall not, We shall not be moved closed!
    Following the fatal stabbing of MC Bullet aka Jamie Sanderson, Oceana is facing being shut down! The nightclub in Kingston is desperate to stay open to satisfy their fan club however, it seems no one is bothered. Shame.