This trend has been going around for a while and it’s definitely sticking around for this Winter. Inspired by Gothic and punk fashion trends, spike and studs have become the latest addition to any item of clothing. Whether it’s on the collar of your shirt, on the seams of your leggings on all over your Winter boots, everything studded is cool.

The dangerous looking trend has been restyled to look pretty and sophisticated and rather than being an aggressive embellishment on your clothing, it’s become a ladylike decoration onto your favourite items.

If the studded look is your thing, I’m going to give you some options as to how to shop the trend. Click on images or prices below to be taken to the website to purchase.

Studded Quilted Leather Skirt by Forever 21 – £18.75

The studs on this leather skirt have low blunt studs on it making it less harsh and punky and more cute and feminine. This bodycon skirt can easily be worn with anything from shirts to jumpers to t shirts as the studded embellishment is not too in your face.

Studded Bodycon Dress by Forever 21 – £19.75

The studs on this dress create pretty little linings and add a pattern to this dress. The smaller studs almost look like sequins or glitter, meaning this dress is very easy to wear as it is not too strong looking.

Studded Denim And Faux Leather Jacket by Forever 21 – £27.75

This jacket is a great way to wear studs for an everyday look. Having a studded jacket gives your everyday wardrobe a trendy twist and the faux leather sleeves are very stylish.

Studded Collar Shirt by Madam Rage – £28

This is the perfect example of how studs can be dressed to look pretty and soft. The stud detail on this shirt add to the formality of it and make it unique looking.

Studded Dress With Studded Back Detail by 18 and East – £20

The studs on this dress add an extra something to an otherwise simple dress. It also has a t-bar cut out detail with studs at the back, giving this cutesy dress some sex appeal.

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