It’s Friday!

And we all know what that means.

But what about those programmes you missed this week?

Well don’t panic because here is a weekly catch up of the best shows on TV at the moment, revealing what will be occurring in the weeks to come.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here (Every Evening on ITV)

This year’s I’m a celebrity is definitely a good one with boxing champion David Haye setting the standards and moaning girly-girl Helen Flanagan from Corrie being a complete nightmare.

So far the campers have been split up and put back together with Helen cruelly being voted to do every bush tuck trial so far.

But is her constant moaning getting a bit too much?

Apparently yes and after seeing the presenters Ant and Dec’s faces last night, when she wouldn’t stop wingeing, I doubt it will be long till she leaves the Aussie outback.

Tonight we get to meet the two new celebrities who spent a night in the bush shack after everyone at camp decided to make the newcomers night even worse by not giving up their food. Greedy buggers.

David Haye

X Factor 2012 (ITV Saturday – 8.20pm & Sunday – 8pm)

Last Saturday the contestants had the challenge of singing Best of British and Rylan absolutely slaughtered the Spice Girls’ reputation after singing a Spice Girl mash up!

But on Sunday we saw Louis face a dilemma as his last remaining groups went head to head. And after a weak performance District 3 left the competition with Louis refusing to vote.

Tomorrow’s theme is Guilty Pleasures, with performances from Alicia Keys and Olly Murs.

District 3 and Union J in the bottom two

Take me out (ITV Saturday – 7.05pm)

On Saturday we saw three (un)lucky fellas go to the Isle of Fernando’s with a one of the contestants. However, overly excited Darryl from Cornwall went home empty handed.

So which couples went to the romantic Isle of Fernando’s this week?

Jase from Pontefract had an amazing start with no girls turning their lights off; looking good.

So when he got the power from Paddy there were a lot of girls to choose from. But in the end he chose crazy hair Dannika from Essex.

Lucky Lady Dannika

Beatboxing champion Jim from Surrey left with last girl standing Erica and sax player Marco walked off hand-in-hand with Jo.


But what about last week’s couples?

Well Chris and Ella hated each other, with Ella being left on her own straight after their dinner.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom with two couples hitting it off.

Amar and Charlotte definitely had a lot of chemistry and Chiles and Ruth had so much in common it was scary.

Hopefully this week’s three couples will do as well as last week’s and I can’t wait to see which girls leave on their lighties tomorrow as Paddy lets the chicken meet the chow mein.

America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion (cycle 18) (Sky Living TV Monday – 9pm)

Oh My God.

Monday was by far the most difficult week so far, with the girls doing a real life runway show for Fashion week in Canada, and they had to get as many go-sees as possible to win the challenge.

But that was not all!

They also had to do a photo shoot covered in Maple Syrup.

And after poor Brit Ashley got Syrup in her eye she was then sent packing her bags on eviction night.

This Monday we get to see a whole lot more dramas as Sophie pisses off Laura and the girls get their sexy dancing shoes on as they make their own music videos.

Brit, Ashley

Tool Academy (E4 Tuesday – 10pm)

To twist the story a little this season presenter Rick Edwards thought it would be funny to lie to all the other tools and place a mole couple in the competition that were there to stir, annoy and make it that little bit harder.

And you would never guess who it was; Stripper tool Tommy and his girlfriend Rhea.


So as a way to make the tools even more paranoid, the identity of the moles were revealed meaning they left the competition with their heads held high.

Next week the tools put on a performance in the name of romance and they face more touchy subjects in the class room.

Mole Couple: Stripper tool Tommy and girlfriend Rhea

Made in Chelsea (E4 Monday – 10pm)

Who saw Spencer and Louise doing it in the shower!

How insane, not that we got to see anything really, just steam and hands against a glass but still, WOW!

And if that wasn’t saucy enough for you Cheska arranged for herself, Binky, Olly and Gabs to have a spanking lesson.

Yes, a spanking lesson. If this kind of viewing carries on any longer they will have to show it after 12 on the playboy channel!

Oh and I also forgot Spencer and Andy had words. AGAIN. And Binky went home to take time away from Jamie.

Next week Sophia and Francis get close but it’s ruined when Sophia spends the night with Proudlock.

And Jamie gets a kick in the teeth from the mystery girl from the club as she hooks up with Andy. Can I sense another love triangle happening here?

Hot and Steamy Shower Scene

Eastenders (BBC1 Mon & Fri – 8pm, Tues & Thurs – 7.30pm)

This week we found out that Cora has another daughter and after Tanya confronted her she was forced (with Patrick’s help) to dish the dirt.

Kat asked Alfie if they could go out on another date to take her mind off her lover but after not being able to get cover for the bar he suggested she spent the night out with Tanya instead.

Alfie then got another long winded love chat from Derek who confessed his love for his childhood sweetheart. Derek then got a shock when he met Jackie and was left feeling embarrassed.

And Syed and Christian’s relationship looked like it had hit rock bottom but after a much needed chat the pair walked around the square hand in hand.

Spoiler Alert…

Next week after fighting temptation, cousins Lauren and Joey cross the line having a moment of passion, leaving Lauren feeling uncomfortable. She tells Joey to leave Walford but then admits she couldn’t face being without him.

The pair then hatch a plan the steal Derek’s car but after losing control they crash into the front of a bargain store.

Also after finding out about her long lost sister Ava, Tanya searches for her whereabouts and arranges a meeting behind Cora’s back. But she soon finds out when Tanya invites Ava over for a cup of tea.

Exciting stuff!

Spoiler alert: Naughty Naughty (Tuesday 20th)

Misfits (E4 Sunday – 10pm)

On Sunday we saw all our Misfits deal with love, or should I say lust?

Firstly, Curtis got hot and steamy with trainee probation worker Lola who is clearly bad news, and Finn admitted that he and his step-mother are a bit too close, being called a ‘step-mother-sucker’ in the locker rooms.


But after finding out that his dad is not his biological father he became the loveable Finn again.

And the story between Jess and Finn pushed forward but understandably being disgusted with the step-mother issue, Jess moved onto sexy bar man Alex.

But Jess’ relationship issues became clear with the return of Rudy’s evil third persona dubbed as Psycho-Rudy.

And unfortunately we won’t be seeing any more of him as Jess stabbed him with scissors after he forced her to dance with him to Lady in Red and told her she would be his first murder victim.

Next week Lola disappears and Curtis soon discovers she is not who she claims to be. Wanting to know more Curtis is forced to use his power of bringing people back from the dead but it has disastrous effects.


So is there anything else we should know about?


Cheryl’s got a new show called, Cheryl: Access All Areas, that will be starting on Tuesday at 9 on ITV2.

Let’s hope her mic is working this time!