Yay it’s Friday!

That means the weekend is here, but what about those programmes you missed this week?

Well don’t panic because here is a weekly catch up of the best shows on TV at the moment, revealing what will be occurring in the weeks to come.

X Factor 2012 (ITV Saturday – 8.20pm & Sunday – 8pm)

Last Saturday the contestants had the challenge of singing number one classics.

Ella wowed once again singing Fireworks by Katy Perry, Jahmene caused a bit of a stir singing Beyonce’s Listen and Rylan didn’t quite keep his promise of singing a ballad, giving a diva performance with a mixture of Abba and Madonna. 

But on Sunday we saw over 28’s Kye Sones booted off the competition when the vote went to deadlock (thanks to Tulisa), saving cheesy act Rylan. 

Bet Gary wasn’t too happy!

Tomorrow’s theme is Best of British, with performances from Ed Sheeran, Little Mix and One Direction.

Sundays Eviction: Rylan Vs Kye

Take me out (ITV Saturday – 7.05pm)

On Saturday there wasn’t a date on the cards for Myko from London, who walked home on a blackout!

But Chris from Bournemouth took Ella to the Isle of Fernando’s, Amar from Worcester left with Charlotte and Chiles from Shropshire bagged Ruth. 

And what about the three couples from last week?

Well the age gap between Sam and Natalie proved too much and Ed and Lucy were clearly not a match made in heaven. But musician Robin and Jamilah definitely had some chemistry between them, with a second date on the cards. 

Let’s see how many ladies leave their lighties on tomorrow as Paddy lets the jolloff meet the rice.


America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion (cycle 18) (Sky Living TV Monday – 9pm)

Well, this season’s ANTM does not disappoint with all twelve girls getting insane Ty-overs. There is plenty of bitching and dramas between the Americans and Brits, and Brit Louise, 25, from Essex walked out of the competition only three weeks in.

And now the competition is heating up with the Americans and Brits neck and neck (five-a-piece).

On Monday we saw the girls transform their superhero powers into super selling powers as they attempted to sell minty fresh coffee and toilet paper.

But on the eviction night we waved New Yorker Candace goodbye as she left the competition after weeks of not producing quality photos (boring ones actually).

This Monday the girls will have the task of taking the perfect picture whilst covered in Maple Syrup.

Doesn’t sound too hard.

I wonder if Kyle will finally leave the competition after the amount of threats she has been making, and will Seymone step up her game after being in the bottom two in Mondays eviction?

We will have to wait and see…

The picture that got Candace booted out of the competition

Tool Academy (E4 Tuesday – 10pm)

The show that humiliates ten bell-end boyfriends is back and just after three weeks, two tools have already left the competition.

Ginger tool (Justin) was the first to be expelled from the academy because of his gambling habits and now Big Daddy tool (Leon) has left the competition because the other tools needed more help.

And after proposing to girlfriend Crystal at the end of the show the future looked bright for the cute couple, yet several weeks after the show they called off the wedding. AGAIN.

Next week the eight tools get a lesson from hard guy Mike Hawks, separating the boys from the men and not everyone says who they really are as we see one couple go undercover. 

Plus one more tool will be expelled from the academy.

(Tools) l: Justin r: Leon and girlfriend Crystal

Made in Chelsea (E4 Monday – 10pm)

Poor Binky has been left heartbroken by player Jamie after he said to her

I could fall in love with you so easy

And then ditched her!

Mollie for some reason thought it was OK to go running in wedged trainers and Ollie and Gabrielle seemed to be getting very close.

We saw the leg touching Ollie you naughty boy.

But next Monday promises to hold even more dramas with Jamie hooking up with another hottie, who claims to like players.

How will Binky take the news? I think we can all guess; badly.

Binky heartbroken

Eastenders (BBC1 Mon & Fri – 8pm, Tues & Thurs – 7.30pm)

This week Sharon finally agreed with Phil to play his fictional fiancée and to make their fictional romance realistic, Phil gave Sharon an engagement ring.

Not surprisingly Jack wanted it off as soon as he saw it.

Sharon then stepped up to the mark when the Social Services paid her and Phil a visit and after Phil struggled to answer questions about Ben, Sharon put on an Oscar winning performance, but was it enough to fool them?

Other dramas happening in the square was that Syed and Christian, whose relationship is on the rocks, went from bad to worse.

Billy told Phil to put his money away when he got all protective over granddaughter Lexi, and Michael asked Roxy to move in with him – no strings attached, of course.

Tonight Alfie lets the Branning brothers host a poker night when he takes wife Kat on a date, but after Alfie tells the Branning boys how Kat pawned her mums ring, the ring magically appears in an envelope at the end of the evening. 


Next week Billy tries to make gang member Alexa see sense but his attempts backfire, leaving Lola worrying about the trial. 

Patrick gets a shock when Cora reveals her dead first born child Ava is actually alive and Christian leaves for America after him and Syed finally have a much needed chat. 

Will Syed lose the love of his life and will Patrick tell Tanya about her other sister?

We’ll just have to wait and see…

Spoiler Alert: Billy has a heart to heart with Alexa

Misfits (E4 Sunday – 10pm)

I would be lying if I said no one is excited about series 4 of Misfits, and what a come back it has been.

In the first episode you would expect to be introduced to the two newcomers, Jess and Finn, and yes we have got to see their powers but instead of dishing the dirty straight away the producers have decided to leave us all hanging, only revealing both their dirty little secrets throughout the series.

On Sunday we found out that there are in fact three bodies of Seth (not the two we originally thought) with his evil side being released from prison.

We also got to see what Finn has been hiding (his girlfriend tied to a bed). You’re all probably thinking ‘why?’ but seriously you need to watch the episode to understand.

Next week we get to see the darker side of Seth when he has a ‘nice little chat’ with Jess but which Seth is he?

Sneak Peak: Jess and Seth in locker room

Phew, what a week in telly. See ya!