Leona Lewis appeared in this morning’s Metro trying her hardest to not look like a contestant on America’s Next Top Model and we’re sure, if she saw this, Tyra Banks would throw the picture back over the panel.

The 27-year-old recently posed for Look magazine looking as dead as a horse (while on a horse), as she opened up on various personal issues, including revealing she has dreams for a big future wedding.

She told the magazine:

I never used to think I’d get married, but then at my brother’s wedding in 2010 it hit me that I do want to and since, I’ve had loads of ideas where I want to get married, it’s a beautiful place in Europe and I’d like to be married before I’m 30

Well Leona, you might want to take more saucy pics than this in the future as this picture sends out all the wrong messages.

Attraction Rule 101: You’re not going to get a knight in shining armour atop a white horse sweeping you off your feet by posing dead atop a white horse looking as unsexy as a gypsy bride in Blackpool.

Honestly, we think the horse had more life to it in this photo shoot, and that’s a problem!