He might have ran around the set of Kidulthood as Jay, causing havoc, getting into street fights and generally being a nuisance, but actor Adam Deacon is more than serious about the change of gun laws over in the US.

Fresh off the tragic school shootings in Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown Connecticut which saw a total of 20 pupils and 6 teachers killed, with victims aged as young as six, concerns about the gun policies in America have been raised in the media.

While he’s not a US citizen himself, the actor expressed his worries with the gun laws in the US on Twitter:

It really is time they introduced some new gun laws over in the states, as it seems shootings seem to be too much of a regular tragedy.

The thought of someone walking around with a gun and having the potential to use it on anyone, even a child, definitely leaves us with several shivers down our spines.

If you lived in the US, what type of laws do you think they should introduce, or what about weapon laws in the UK, how can they be improved to prevent unfortunate cases like this from happening in the future?