Mario Balotelli

According to the Sun, the reason footballer Mario Balotelli wasn’t around for his daughter Pia’s birth last week was because he was too busy getting Fanny.

22-year-old Belgian model Fanny Robert Neguesha that is.

Sun reporters state that when they went to Balotelli’s mansion in Cheshire to congratulate him on the good news, Fanny answered the door and told reporters that she was “the girlfriend” and Mario wasn’t in.

And when ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico was busy pushing out their baby, Mario was photoed hanging out at Zouk Bar & Grill in Manchester with his new girl Fanny.

A source told the Sun:

Mario wanted to spend some time with her so paid for her and a pal to fly to Manchester. They have had a blast and Fanny was with Mario the night his daughter was born. He was delighted to become a dad and Fanny was happy for him as well. But at the moment he hasn’t made any plans to go and see Raffaella and his daughter.

Tsk tsk.

Let’s take a look at the girl that was keeping Mario from witnessing his first child’s birth: