Mario Balotelli’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his first born child has told Italian magazine Chi that the footballer has not yet been to see his daughter who was born two weeks ago.

Speaking of giving birth to their daughter three weeks early, she told the magazine:

I sent Mario a text message at 3pm when the first contractions started and then again at 6.30pm when I went into the delivery room. I sent him another as soon as I came out and Pia had been born. But he only bothered to get in touch at half past midnight when my phone rang. I said to him “Mario, I’ve given birth” and he just said “Ah OK, I’m not bothered” and he then put the phone down. I’ve not heard from him since.


Rafaella also stated that she’d be prepared to take the DNA test Mario asked her to do to prove that Pia is his daughter – even though she’s unsure if he even cares to see the results anymore.

She then went on to say that he hasn’t coughed up a penny towards the upbringing of their newborn daughter.

Oohh, can we all say ‘deadbeat’?