Recently, model Raffaella Fico called the father of her daughter Mario Balotelli out for not yet visiting his daughter and seeming uninterested in doing so any time soon.

Balotelli was angry about this. So angry that he’s decided to take legal action out against her.

Yup, that bad.

In a statement published by Gazetta Dello Sport, the footballer said:

There is a limit for everything and I can no longer tolerate that my honour as a man is offended and I am falsely accused of serious misbehaviour, and which has no element of truth. I have asked my lawyer to take the necessary legal action to defend my honour which has been damaged by the declarations of Raffaella Fico to Chi. I caution Raffaella Fico that she will be asked to pay damages for any further irresponsible comments that she makes that harm my reputation and honour.

For any of those who weren’t exactly bothered to read that statement, (I know I nearly wasn’t), he basically said that his “honour” was being “offended” by Raffaella who is “falsely” accusing him of “serious misbehaviour” and he warns that she will pay for any further derogatory comments.

She will pay!

This is all turning out to be pretty messy, ain’t it?