A lot of fans and critics wondered why it was that MC Wiley had an absence of black girls in the video of his summer hit Heatwave.

And more controversy was caused when the MC dropped the line:

I wanna see a light skin gyal on the road

Those factors combined made some people question why he only had Caucasian and lighter skinned women in the visual, especially being that he comes from a Caribbean background.

Wiley, who was no doubt fed up of the criticism, shared with his Twitter followers the reason why black females were not in the video:

OK, OK, so it may of been out of his hands, but he was involved in the video right? And he is the artist? Maybe he’ll take more creative control over his career in the future to ensure he has no further backlash.

Do you think the absence of black girls in Wiley’s video was an issue? Or is it something not really important enough to be addressed?

Let us know.